work wonders

Hi everyone! I'm back after a few days in lovely Longport, which is my all-time favorite shore point in New Jersey.  Thanks to my ex-husband and his gracious wife, I spent a couple of days at their house with my son and 2 stepsons (soon-to-be a/o 9.10.10).  I missed my office, though and my MAC (in love totally) and as soon as I logged on, Living Etc. floors me as usual with a feature on inspiring work spaces...good to be back...

A little while ago I told you Scott and I had some exciting news to share...his 2 sons have moved in with us permanently and we are thrilled! The most joyous part is Scott seems brighter, happier and it warms my heart to see them hugging and enjoying their time 2 sons are also very excited to have their stepbrothers living here 24/7...their little sister will still visit on weekends...she and I go for our wedding fittings on Sat...gotta go food shopping (scott goes with me he likes it?) with 4 teenage boys in my house...orthodontist for 2 of them on supplies, clothing, shoes-and my wedding is 5 weeks away-crazy, but I love it-stay ♣

{all images via Living Etc. 9/10}