philly friday with bliss

Happy Friday everyone! I'm in between some very important meetings to take care of some personal biz today and have only a minute but wanted to share with you my joyful experience last 8:30 pm I got an email from Bliss reader Caroline of the cool blog Absolutely Unique saying all these nice things and that she had discovered StonehouseLove on the blog Bliss...I sponsor the wonderful blog Bliss because I want Mrs. French's positive, calm & graceful energy to rub off on me, if only just a I thought, how cool, Caroline clicked on my banner on Mrs. French's sidebar (this one)... still with me? I'm almost done (i know, feels like an SAT question)...BUT then I realized the link was to the actual Bliss blog and a StonehouseLove feature-I died and it felt really good-check it out...CLICK HERE...

This is by far the best time I've ever had at a mutual admiration party and a heartfelt thanks to Mrs. French for her kind words and for making my is magical, well said!

...gonna sage my house this weekend (no lie, Scott and I bought it at Weaver's Way, the food co-op in Mt. Airy) to ward off evil energy and open it up to all good things (a la Jeff Lewis, from Flipping Out). Hey, I'll stop at nothing! Have a great weekend!