stonehouselove hooked on slow love

As promised to myself, I snagged a copy of Dominique Browning's Slow Love on Saturday afternoon and spent almost the entire weekend with my nose in it...I couldn't help it, I want to know what happens with Stroller, her sometimes married boyfriend of many years (was indeed legally separated). I was aware all weekend that I was giving Scott one-word answers to his questions with no follow-up questions because I was enjoying the book tremendously. Our kids were at the shore so the guilt factor was close to zero.  My normal behavior is that I don't shut-up so Scott figured it was good and he left me alone to read, interruping me only to entice me with a dinner at Morton's with Carol and Steve, my future sis and bro-in-law (thanks baby!). A few years ago I decided to read Amy Tan's oeuvre in succession. I would put the books down to tend to my "duty" as a mom and a decorator (barely), acting as my sons' personal chauffeur service, food shopping, dinner, homework, seeing clients, etc. until one day my older son says, "Mom, you are borderline neglecting us, all you do is read!"  Horrified, I immediately whipped myself into shape and put the books down and continued to read only after they were settled in for the night even though I chomped at the bit all day long. The best part of the story is that my son is sweet and sensitive and would never want to say anything to hurt me, therein his use of the word "borderline."

Dominique also writes a blog Slow Love Life, which I will now start to follow.  I'll keep you posted on the fate of Stroller...boys are still sleeping so I could sneak in a few chapters now...have a great day!

image Laura Casey Interiors via Splendid Willow