rue coup

My head was spinning yesterday when I was reading the new shelter e-mags that are being launched and I love them all!  Then I get an email last night from sfgirlbybay editor and stylist Victoria Smith telling me about her feature in the new Rue e-mag so this a.m. I rushed to view the story (wanted to do it last night as soon as the email hit my inbox but I have a rule to stay off my MAC after I retire for the evening to "relax" in my bedroom; I only allow myself to read, email clients from my blackberry but no MACs; it's a very difficult detox I will admit)...and both her spot and the new shelter mag didn't disappoint... Victoria's lovely bungalow in San Francisco...just love her sense of style, a touch of Hawaii Five-O (dig that show), a little Bohemia, a bit vintage, a fresh Scandinavian vibe that I am also personally getting into lately, a touch of humor and a sense of nostalgia I feel instantly when I log her blog, always; she just takes me back to a good place in my childhood, we must be the same vintage (hee hee)...

So there it is...a little corner of Victoria's San Francisco by the bay...that was fun! xocc

all images via Rue Magazine