pinto's pints

Hi everyone! I missed you guys but I was busy getting married and settling into my new life, getting our 4 kids ready for school, keeping up with my e-course, and finishing up our new kitchen. All went great and now I'm ready to focus again on StonehouseLove and my clients, of course, who have been very patient the last 2 weeks. I will be back with lots of wedding photos once I get them back from my amazingly talented Philly photographer Heather Fowler and her fun and creative second shooter Misty Dawn (her real name). Now let's turn to stylist Olivia Pintos-Lopez, co-editor and co-founder of Small Magazine, one of my faves for their imaginative and stylish spreads that always tell a story whilst featuring creative designers, artists, art directors & photographers...they elevate kids' fashion to where it needs to the top...cuz who doesn't love a styled-up kid and beautiful's magical and makes me smile...

Happy Autumn...xocc

all images via Small Magazine, autumn 10: photography by Steven Visneau; styling by Christine Visneau; Hair & Make-up by Ashley Bell