kimberly barr interior design & urban loft window treatments

Hi...welcome to my new blog series...Interior Design Collaborations: Philadelphia and the Main Line! I will be featuring the interior designers that I collaborate with at Urban Loft Window Treatments. I meet with my own private clients but a third of my business is collaborating with designers and architects. It has been an incredible three years since founding Urban Loft and the designers that I work with have made it so much more fun!  

We have some amazing design talent in Philadelphia and the designers' styles are all so different and uniquely beautiful. I find myself pivoting in so many wonderful directions with all of them so I wanted to share my journey with here we the order that I have met these wonderful designers...

KIMBERLY BARR INTERIOR DESIGN by the amazing Kylene Cleaver of Leave It To Me Photography

I met Kimberly Barr of Kimberly Barr Interior Design at one of Karen Toole-Ebbert's Lower Merion Community Network's networking events three years ago. I approached her after seeing some of her work on Facebook and we set up a meeting for the following week. Kimberly came to my office and we chatted it up for four hours! A fast friendship and professional relationship was born...

Kimberly is passionate about her work and her love of mixing modern and vintage elements in her designs speaks to my heart and my design roots twenty years ago at my store Hey Little Diddle. She uses Urban Loft for her clients' window treatment needs and we learn so much from each other along the way as we source fabrics & hardware and exchange style ideas. I always tease Kimberly that I am old enough to be her mom (I would have been a teen mom, but her mom nonetheless) but our design synergy is so natural that our age difference has no impact on our style similarities.

Kimberly Barr has won many design awards which are well-deserved but one of her best assets is her friendly, positive and approachable are a couple of our project collabs...all photos by the amazing Kylene Cleaver of Leave It To Me Photography

..this project was for a lovely family in their beautiful Historic home in Havertown..


...another one in a gorgeous Villanova home...


...there are many other collabs but here are some of my faves from her portfolio, collages by me but the work is all hers...and the pics all Kylene Cleaver...


If you need an interior designer you will have plenty to choose from as I feature the awesomeness in this series. I want to publicly thank Kimberly for trusting me with her treasured clients. Please visit Kimberly's website by clicking here and enjoy the eye candy! xocc of me on my site home page and blog page courtesy of the awesome Aliza of Aliza Schlabach Photography