cosy cottage

I just loVe the way the English speak and spell or use some words differently...I guess they have a more direct line to our lovely language...I know the same thing has happened with Spanish in the U.S., with Spanglish words that I use myself when I am speaking to my relatives...they always correct me (Colombians are a little snooty about Spanish or Castellano) but they understand exactly what I am saying and it's actually humorous. Words in American English like cozy, catalog, bathroom and retailers in England are cosy, catalogue, water closet and stockist, which is my fave...sounds so cool!  I used to be a stockist for many vendors when I had my store...hmm wonder what the proper word for vendor is? (So funny my spell check is tagging stockist.) Anyhoo...I was taken by this cosy cottage, shot by Living Etc., but actually in upstate New York.  It's neat how the owners call it the crooked house, cuz both of the houses I've owned have been crooked...they are charming until a contractor is renovating and nothing is square or straight and that apparently, is a problem?

Have a great Wednesday...countdown beginning today...8 days til I get hitched♣

all images via Living Etc., October 2010