blogging my way from philly on friday

Can you hear that I'm out of breath from all the running around I'm doing? Nice aside is that I've managed to lose a little weight without trying which is always a good thing when you're getting married...7 days...and on top of all the crazy loveliness, I am taking my first e-course, Blogging Your Way, being taught by none other than the amazing Queen Holly Becker of Decor8 and her lovely Princess Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. They also have Thorsten, Holly's hubby & German Knight in shining armor who happens to be a techno guru.  So needless to say, we are in capable hands and I couldn't be more excited to learn from these pros (and blogging royalty)... Decor8 is Holly's awesome blog with a style all its own...chock full of fresh content for you to devour, just make sure you have tons of time to kill and drinks & snacks for breaks...

and Leslie's A Creative and styling at its best and she's self-taught, I can't believe that? Actually, I'm not surprised coming from a formally trained interior designer AND

I will NOT be sharing the particulars of the course since it's private and for me and my fellow students' eyes and ears only, but you will be seeing how we all apply what we learn to our excited! Now I have to go chase my 13-year-old son for him to try on his khakis and shoes for the wedding (he hates clothes & shoes, this should be fun; he'll be blissfully selling smoothies in Hawaii on the beach in a hut as an adult, I just know it) and I have to go get a belt cuz I'm losing my jeans...there is a G-d! I will report that my stepsons were happy to try on several items patiently and walk around (so cute they both are) and my stepdaughter loves everything...phew...Have a happy weekend...♥

first image above via Decor8 and second A Creative Mint