swans island

Blankets and coverlets are borrowing some attention from the venerable duvet and for good reason...less bulky, neater but just as cosy...i will never be unfaithful to the duvet, but i like having blankets too (lots of them in different textures), so nothing's wrong with indulging in both...i'm doing a little redecorating in my master...new area rug, bedframe and maybe a new blanket...i'd love to be stranded on Swans Island...

...stay warm...if you find me MIA this week it's because it's Altsummit and Sundance time...i'll be working til fri and then my hubby will join me for a weekend @ Sundance...very excited...I am on a morning flight to Salt Lake City on wed...happy monday to you ♥

~images via swans island~