sage, style & cybelle codish

I read a lot...loVe it!  Not only does it enhance our vocabulary but i love the way words relate to one another and how the meaning can suddenly shift depending on the word you choose or how it is used.  I also cherish how we can be transported to another imaginary place and get lost in that world, sometimes for hours. In cyberspace, i take full advantage of how one 'read' can lead to many others (link layering, remember?) and help you discover a new artist, designer, stylist, photographer, musician, product line, etc.  Stylist Taryn Bickley's lovely blog, Sage & Style, is one of those for me and today i dug a tad deeper and unearthed the artistry of a photographer whose style instantly moved me...her bio reads, "how do you photograph a vibe? Meet Cybelle Codish." indeed...

Click below to see's to the immense power of visual imagery...have a great weekend, xocc!

Cybelle's website.

Cybelle's blog Shoot Happens.