Good Genes

Next to my family and my house, jeans are my 3rd passion.  I just love them...and I wear them everyday... NUDIE JEANS CO., SWEDEN

Swedish jeans brand, Nudie, is one of my favorites. At the heart of their brand is "Dry Selvage," yard goods curated from the highest quality denim available from Japan, Italy and Turkey. Cashmere, hemp and organic yarns are loomed into the cotton to produce the best selvage. It's like a craft for them, they actually employ a laundry team of wash designers in their "selvage lab" to test different washing and finishing techniques? And they are environmentally responsible and they support Amnesty. Wow, that's my kind of company. While in Amsterdam, Scott picked up a pair to add to his jean pile, one of the reasons I dug him so much. No daddy jeans for this boy!

Available at Charlie's Jeans (233 Market Street, Old City Philadelphia, 215•923•9681), Barney's New York and Bloomingdales

images via Nudie Jeans Co.