Phew, I'm finally here after months of preparation for soooo many things. I'm getting married in 3 months (gulp), my long overdue gut job in my kitchen will be happening soon (so happy), and my interiors biz is busier than ever (yay!). Safe to say I am excited but mostly grateful. I have 2 kids (boys) from my previous go-around at tying the knot and Scott, my fiance, has 3 (2 boys, 1 little girl), that equals 5. Yep, you heard me... some days we know we are crazy, but most days we are just crazy in love. How do I know? After 3 years of family-blending, we still sit on the same side of the booth when dining out!

I've been mercilessly sucked into the whirlwind of wedding planning and my head is swirling with the creative genius out there, and yes, I will partake. There's been the gown, the shoes, the jewelry, what will I wear on my head?, floral, tabletop, favors, food, wine, venue, invites, photography, hair and make-up (what color lipstick since I hate lipstick?), etc...and as a detail freak, just imagine what my brain does when I'm not busy working or taking care of the house. Nuts, but so much fun!

I died on the spot after viewing this:

Lisa Vorce of Oh, How Charming!; Jose Villa Photography; Mindy Rice Floral Design; and Yellow Owl are all amazingly talented.

I adore Style Me Pretty for wedding detail bliss and I'll eventually let you in on the fruits of my relentless labor of love for sure!