convoy conundrum

i love Convoy Tumblr.  i have not confirmed its editor (i think it's a guy) but i do really really love it.  i think that when others' photos are used...the photographer, stylist, owner etc. should be credited absolutely and i always do so with a linkback whenever possible. that's the one thing about Convoy that i don't love (bugs me actually and i'm sure lots of others)...there's a disclaimer with an email address on the bottom but that's not enough, i really want to know the source...i know it takes lots of time but it's worth it for all involved...if any of these photos are yours, please let me know and i will credit you immediately because these are some of the best product shots (and the best guy stuff, cool for dad) i've seen on the net...


*all photos via convoy tumblr*

i have done detective work to get the sources on convoy before (you need a magnifying glass) but i'd rather not have, if you are reading mr. mystery convoy man with the exquisite taste, can you please tell us where we can get all this awesome loot?  thanks...have a great tuesday...xocc ♥