blog for digs schedule is here!

Happy Monday!  Here is the schedule for the Blog for Digs blogger event

to benefit


“My childhood bedroom was...”

December 2010

Group 1

aphrochic 12/15

a diary of lovely 12/16

bohemian vintage 12/20

chic modern vintage 12/21

sfgirlbybay 1/4

traveling mama 1/5

inspired shares 1/17

Group 2

conundrum 12/15

dallas decorum 12/16

derek and catharine 12/20

dans mon boudoir 12/21

decor happy 12/22

style/swoon 1/4

under a pink moon 1/5

Flea Babe 1/17

Group 3

design box 12/15

dolan geiman 12/16

fabulous k 12/20

from london with love 12/21

fuerst editions 12/22

cinderella patch 1/4

one sydney road 1/5

Group 4

furious shirley 12/15

get it girl 12/16

girl from north country 12/20

green gable 12/21

happy lady decorates 12/22

bizchickblog 1/4

yams designs 1/5

Group 5

hello splendor 12/15

house of wentworth 12/16

lolalina 12/20

lucent imagery 12/21

maison boheme 12/22

watermelon is a color 1/4

plan me perfect 1/5

Group 6

melissa loves 12/15

m-dashing 12/16

megan charland 12/20

meant for a moment 12/21

minoux 12/22

the jealous curator 1/5

Group 7

momathon 12/15

notorious mle 12/16

not your average ordinary 12/20

pink black grey 12/21

pure and noble 12/22

Group 8

sage and style 12/15

simply grove 12/16

sarah bohl designs 12/20

size too small 12/21

sogni e sorrisi 12/22

Group 9

the dean files 12/15

the hidden list 12/16

the parenting myth 12/20

minted condition 12/21

a design studio grows in brooklyn 12/22

Group 10

stonehouselove 12/15

2 days in the rain 12/16

Splendid Willow 12/20

Doryn's Dish 12/21

Willow Decor 12/22

If you are not on the list and want to participate, please email me (claudia clobes) at and i will add you to the list.  If you simply want to donate to Dwell with Dignity click here.

Thank you to Victoria of sfgirlbybay, Beth Dotolo of hello splendor, Emma Reddington of the marion house book, Ali Marie and Dolan of Dolan Geiman, Mark & Michelle Berman, Evan Foster, Procure, Inc. and Claudia Clobes Interiors for your support and donations thus far!  A complete donor list will be published after completion of fund raiser (only total funds raised, not individual donations will be published).  THANK YOU!

•if i misspelled your blog, inadvertently omitted you or you have any suggestions or concerns, please email me at right away and please accept my apology in advance•