OK...I had a terrible thing happen. Back in January, I hired an artist to design a hand-written invitation for my wedding on 9.10.10 and then she went MIA without a warning. I think she is okay and I really was worried about her. Frantic, I contacted Sarah @ Baumbirdy (my first choice if I had wanted printed invites) and she graciously came to my rescue and told me that she also is an illustrator and wants to add handwritten invites to her line. Divine intervention I want to believe and the old you reap what you sow is so true; being nice to people paid off for me! She's amazing and she helped me last minute even though she's having a baby very soon (gotta put the best baby gift ever together for her stat)...she's the real deal, here's what she whipped up for me in a couple of days with no notice...I love them, I'm thrilled...

Check out Baumbirdy's website (also on etsy & they have a blog); all her stuff is beautiful but my favorites are the french market and the modern glow designs. Sarah and Carolyn, 2 art directors and childhood friends have a talented partnership and my gratitude! Next, Sarah's helping me with my business card, gotta love that!

Thanks Sarah (and Carolyn) from the bottom of my heart for making what could have been a disaster a joy!

Happy bday to my beloved Scott!

{all images CC for StonehouseLove}