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~image via okay great~

I attended Alt Design Summit in beautiful Salt Lake City last week, not that it's a surprise since I refused to shut up about it-couldn't help it-I was really excited for the summit and for the fact that I was flying first class for the first time, at 48! Yeah, you heard me, I was one of those people who judged those who spent money (or miles) frivolously and I had always opted for coach and took pride that I was able to "rough it" and save my money for more important things like jeans, shoes or antique jewelry.

I am eating the biggest piece of crow pie and loving it because having experienced "first class," there's absolutely no way I'm going back and my husband said I don't have to (yay) since he usually flies first class and I just married him 5 months ago so I'm good.


1. I'm old (mean age attending summit was probably 30)

2. The cool Kirsten (rhymes with deerskin) Grove of Simply Grove looks like a rock star in real life

3. The lovely Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street is 5 feet 11 inches tall, I asked her, and her pal Erin from Apartment 34 is hired if I ever become really rich or famous and I need a really good event planner (mover and a shaker this one)

4. Grace Bonney of Design Sponge has a really cute figure, she's teeny tiny

5. Amy Turn Sharp of Doobleh Vay is frickin hilarious (and a great speaker) as is Jamie Derringer of Design Milk

6. Neil Chase of Federated is really smart and so is Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl

7. Crystal Gentilello of Rue has the sweetest voice you've ever heard and she rocks (and can walk in) those heels

8. Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photo are super nice and take amazing pics

9. Ben Silbermann of Pinterest is a genius

10. Joy of Oh Joy is gracious AND talented (love her logos)

~images above via alt, blue lily photo, apartment 34 and stonehouselove~ for real, my key takeaway points from all the awesome panelists pictured above (except me, the old one, upper right):

1. Be yourself

2. Respect your readers

3. Find your place and own it

4. Be personable and approachable

5. Be generous and kind because it will always come back to you

6. Run a collaborative workspace

7. Less is more

8. It's not all about you

9. Credit, credit, credit your sources

10.  And the biggie--take your brand beyond your blog...which is what I plan to do since I've been a freelance interior decorator in Philly for the past 16 years and co-founded with my sister, Maria Lucoff (an interior architect) the award-winning Hey Little Diddle, our brick and mortar lifestyle store that we operated for 13 years (toot toot)! What's next? So excited to see...

One of the highlights of my trip was Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss (WOW) and the other was going to Sundance with my husband who flew in all the way from Philadelphia to spend the weekend with me (thanks honey).

I want to thank all the Alt Summit wonderful sponsors (click here) and to the tireless organizers of Alt Summit, thank you, thank you, thank you! xocc

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